I told SWMBO recently that before we could consider spending money for furniture or home improvements, we would need to have a budget. That way we could prioritize things and keep our financial reserves healthy. (Yes, some people still do that.)

I hadn’t given it much thought, but today, when I came home from work, I saw a flooring sample on the table. I thought, “Uh oh, something is gonna cost me some money.” Fortunately, SWMBO allayed my fears. She said she went to the flooring store to get estimates so she could make her budget. As we looked at the sample she told me about an exchange she had with the gentlemen working at the store.

“The guys working at the store asked me if I wanted to take a sample home for your husband to see,” she said. “I told them, ‘It doesn’t matter what he thinks.'” Apparently, that elicited a sympathetic laugh from the gentlemen.

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Late to bed, early to rise. Post like hell and publicize.

Well, apparently NASA generated a lot of hype with the cartoons it circulated leading up to the dual impacts on the moon. However, people weren’t that impressed with the show. So, to get a better pulse on my reading audience, I am generating my first poll.

What do you think?

big yard + laser pointer + dog = great family fun

I know SWMBO really needs me when she says those three little words,
“Where’s your wallet?”

I don’t care if you like Fox News or not. This is just funny.

Much as Pavlov discovered with his dogs, She who must be obeyed has found the key to getting me to do household projects. If a simple request does not spark me into action, she does not resort to nagging. She simply gathers the tools she deems necessary and starts about doing the task. I have been conditioned to respond to certain magic words such as “Oops!” “Man!” (said as two syllables) and “Awww!” At that point I have confirmed that my assistance is needed immediately, lest I procrastinate and allow the damage to accumulate.

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