I have to admit that I do like some of the benefits of the FCC’s push toward HDTV. A few months back, I looked at ways to save money. I looked at how many non-broadcast stations SWMBO and I watched and compared that to the amount of money we paid for satellite service. It wasn’t a difficult choice, especially considering how many times storms blocked reception. I fashioned an antenna for less than $20, based on instructions I found online and mounted it in the attic, out of sight. We pick up all the major stations of our metropolitan area, except ION, which doesn’t broadcast from the same vicinity as everybody else.

SWMBO was not happy at first, but she does appreciate how sporting events and shows about blowing stuff up don’t dominate the TV like they used to. Another benefit is that the TV is usually off on Saturday and Sunday mornings because of all of the infomercials on then.